What We Do

Radio Production  
Ian is an accomplished and award-winning producer of music and speech based radio programmes. He currently works as an Executive Producer with the independent production company Folded Wing, responsible for overseeing programmes for BBC radio networks and other clients.  He is particularly experienced in developing new and emerging presenters.

Media Training 
Ian has a unique understanding of the media – from both sides of the microphone. He knows the needs and pressures of working journalists, and has also led high-profile teams through times of public crisis.  Ian and his team help individuals and organisations ensure they make the most of any media opportunities, avoid the pitfalls and build good relationships with journalists. They deliver tailored training – from introducing complete novices to the pressures of the TV and radio studio, to coaching experienced performers in getting their message across more effectively.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills  
Are you guilty of inflicting Death by PowerPoint? Our entertaining, effective and interactive training will revolutionise the way you present your message. Learn the secrets of simple, powerful public presentation from the best in the business.

Crisis Management
We help you understand why a crisis can develop, how to prevent one and what to do when the media storm breaks.